Add Trees

Last updated September 1, 2020

Currently you can add only test trees. Once Treejer goes live from testnet to mainnet, you will be able to fund real trees. However, the process will be quite similar.

During testnet phase, you need to have Ropsten ETH to fund trees. It's free, you can get it from the official Faucet.

  1. Create an Ethereum wallet (skip if you have one) – We recommend to use Metamask browser wallet

  2. Change its network to Ropsten Test Network (Ethereum testnet)

  3. Get some free Ropsten ETH (to spend on planting trees)

  4. Visit Treejer app

  5. Click on "Add Trees" button in the right sidebar

  6. Select number of trees to plant and click "Next"

  7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet (For Metamask users, a new window pops up)

  8. Done! Please wait a few moments until your transaction is confirmed in the background

  9. If you don't see you new trees, refresh your forest page.

If you found any bugs during your experience, feel free to report it. We usually respond in a few hours.