Start a Forest

Last updated September 1, 2020

Currently we're running on Ethereum testnet which is a testing environment. Follow the instructions below to start an unreal forest. Come back in a few weeks to plant real forests!

To start a forest on Ethereum testnet, you need to:

  1. Create an Ethereum wallet (skip if you have one) – We recommend to use Metamask browser wallet

  2. Change its network to Ropsten Test Network (Ethereum testnet)

  3. Get some free Ropsten ETH (to spend on planting trees)

  4. Visit Treejer app

  5. Expand your forest by adding trees!

If you found any bugs during your experience, feel free to report it. We usually respond in a few hours. Have questions? Visit on our community forum.

Disclaimer: Testnet is a testing environment and the trees you see there are not real. Also, you don't need to spend real money to fund testnet trees. It's just a simulator to show how certain features work.