Contribution Guideline

Contributions to Treejer protocol could come in different forms. Some contribute code changes, others contribute docs, others help answer questions from users, help keep the infrastructure running,

We welcome all contributions from folks who are willing to work in good faith with the community. No contribution is too small and all contributions are valued.

Discussions and General Help

As Treejer is still at its early stages, drop by on Discord and say hi to know what's next / to get your answers cleared up.

Also you can find answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our Discussion Forum. Our community members typically answer questions within days.

Feedback, Bugs and Issues

Issues in Treejer's Github repositaries are the primary means by which bug reports, feedback and general discussions are made. A contributor is invited to create an issue, discuss, and provide a fix if needed.

Before opening an issue, check to see if there are any current issues with similar key words. This helps us cut down on duplicate tickets.

Creating New Issues
Creating New Issues

When you open an issue, you'll notice three templates (bug, custom, feature) with the user-story format we like for our issue reports. When starting a new issue, please do your best to be as detailed and specific as possible.

  1. Bug report - use this to create a bug report to help us improve Gitcoin
  2. Feature request - use this to suggest a project idea
  3. Custom report - use this to report an issue that doesn't fall under any other category
GitHub Issue Templates
GitHub Issue Templates

Building and Pull Requests

Pull Requests are the way in which concrete changes are made to the code and documentation. We'll update this section with a pull request guideline after our public beta launches.

Writing Documentation

The Treejer ecosystem is expanding and, as a result, so is the need for documentation. You can find the "official" Treejer Documentation here — which provides high-level overviews and technical documentation.

Whether its writing How To guides, video demos or creating diagrams on how the protocol ties together, there is something for everyone. If you speak another language, translations could help as well. Join our Discord and share your insights, so we can help you get started.


We invite designers, animators, artists, and more to share your skills with the Treejer ecosystem! If you're interested in creating graphics that describe Treejer's systems, creating video explainers, fixing Treejer's UI/UX, or any other combination of things — hop into our Discord.

Updated 15 Jun 2022
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