Plant Trees via Treejer

There are two types of planters in Treejer:

  • Community They supply trees to Treejer independently and are paid directly in their wallet address.
  • Organization They represent a community and receive funding instead of individual planters.

Who can expect to join Treejer as a planter?

Rural communities in underdeveloped and developing countries are encouraged to join Treejer as planter. We provide funding opportunities for conservation projects in a transparent way. If you have all the following requirements, please contact rural@treejer.com to get started.

  • Plant native trees
  • Involve local communities
  • Ensure no double-funding from other organizations
  • Ensure double-counting of carbon credits (planters can't sell carbon credits of trees seperately)
  • Do not want to cut trees after a while for their timber, etc.
  • Expect payments throughout the 3 years after tree plantation
  • Provide photos of trees to get rewarded for conservation efforts
  • Preferably have access to public or private conservation land

Updated 22 Sep 2021
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