Redeemable Trees API

Web2 projects can use Treejer's redeem API or they can deploy a self-hosted version of it. This API gives developers the option to automate generating a unique token for an email and attaching a wallet address to that email.

Treejer Redeem API

1- Create an account and get an access token

2- Set webhook(optional)

3- fund tree


4- Request for a unique token for an email

5- Receiver gets an email with a unique token after going to that page, the user claim and adds a wallet for that token.

6- Third-party app receives a webhook consist of email, unique token, access token, and a wallet address.

7- Transfer the TREE token to that wallet address.



Developers can set up their own version of treejer API1- Clone redeem repository 1- Clone redeem repository 2- set up an environment 3- run the apps 4- all the processes and requests same as Treejer API

Updated 28 Apr 2022
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