What is the price of trees?

There are 3 types trees to fund:

Genesis Trees (Tree #0-10000)

Genesis trees' price start at 0.033 ETH and increase 0.003 after every 100 trees. The last hundred trees in genesis will be priced at 0.33 ETH based on this formula. The following genesis trees have different/no pricing:

  • Tree #0-10 will be acutioned
  • Tree #11-100 will be given away to influencial members of open-source community

Regular Trees (Tree #10001-∞)

Regular trees have a fixed price of $4.99 (DAI) at the moment. This price is dynamic and will be determined based on the average cost of planting and maintaining trees across all active regions.

Custom Trees

These trees will be listed at variable prices by planters. Using this method, funders will also be able to choose their preferred planter communities and regions. This feature will be released in 2-3 quarters after public beta launch.