Fund Trees via Treejer

Treejer trees are planted and maintained by rural communities around the world. The trees are mainly native species and are located in less developed parts of the our planet. Communities from Latin America, Africa and Middle East are supplying trees to Treejer protocol.

Once an individual or organization funds a tree, they receive a digitial collectible token representing their act of good. These collectible tokens are widely known as NFTs or non-fungible tokens. These tokens are transferable and thus enable tons of green use-cases such as tree gifts, loyalty rewards etc.

Technically, Treejer trees are dynamic NFTs that store information about the trees and their status. Information such as the tree's location, planter, funder, species, photos and status are recorded on blockchain and distributed file systems such as IPFS.

Types of trees

  • Regular trees
  • Special collections (Genesis, etc.)
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Updated 28 Dec 2021
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