Genesis Trees


Genesis trees are the most unique trees in Treejer. They're the first of millions of trees being planted in the coming years. This one-time collection refers to the first 10,000 trees. The NFT art of these trees are randomly generated and act as collectibles for owners (collectors).

  • Tree #0-10 will be auctioned
  • Tree #11-100 will be distributed to open-source builders and community advocates
  • Tree #101-10000 will have an incremental increase in price after each 100 trees sold.

NFT attibutes

Genesis trees have randomly generated attributes which gives them a more unique value:

  • 128 tree-types
  • 64 trunk colors
  • 64 crown colors
  • Special elements (might be removed)
  • Secret multiplier number

All of the above attributes are in addition to the real-world attributes of trees such as location, planter, species, photos etc.


Genesis trees' price start at 0.033 ETH and increase 0.003 after every 100 trees. The last hundred of genesis trees will be priced at 0.33 ETH based on this formula.


Genesis trees enable treejer's team to build an open protocol and lively ecosystem around it. The protocol has a progressive decentralization approach and its genesis collection will establish a community-enabled growth opportunity.

Updated 24 Dec 2021
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