Special Collections

The Genesis collection (first 10k trees) are designed to work as a fundraising tool for Treejer Protocol. This collection has a different funding allocation model and, unlike regular trees, the majority of the collected funds will go to TreejerDAO to support future development of the project. Also, there will be future special-edition collections curated by either Treejer or third-parties.

  1. Genesis Collection
    1. Tree #0-10 will be auctioned
    2. Tree #11-100 will be distributed to open-source builders and community advocates
    3. Tree #101-10000 will have an incremental increase in price after each 100 trees sold.
  2. Special Collections
    1. Third-party sellers will be able to use Treejer Protocol to list special-edition NFT trees. Trees are supplied from Treejer planters but sold through collection curators. Curators will be able to use auction, fixed or incremental pricing for trees.
    2. Treejer will charge collection curators a fixed commission rate.

Updated 16 Sep 2021
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